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About Compass - Giza


Compass-Giza is a market leader with accumulated experience in managing full scale investment initiatives and projects around the world, with a clear focus on China and additional Asian markets. The fund specializes in investing in Israeli technology and innovation, backed by a deep understanding and expertise in Israel's "Start-up Nation" culture and business environment.


Compass - Giza Strategy 

At Compass-Giza our strategy is to invest in late stage Israeli and global technology companies across a variety of sectors while supporting the company's growth until its exit stage. Above all, we believe in investing in entrepreneurs with disruptive technologies who seek to grow and bring their technology overseas while addressing real market demand, while focusing on the Asian market.

Our investment strategy and selection criteria in terms of technology, products, stage and sectors is built to meet market needs and challenges and is based on in-depth due diligence. Our global reach to investors, leading conglomerates, governments, universities, research centers and additional partners is key in understanding specific market needs and new growth opportunities across different geographies and sectors.

As a result, Compass-Giza has built a strong presence in the Israeli and global markets, alongside with a consistently proven performance and track record of financial returns for its investors by partnering with leading academic, technological and financial leaders.


Compass - Giza Fund Activities 

Compass-Giza fund is a market leader in managing investment initiatives, including technology-orientated funds across a range of sectors. The fund specializes in, identifying, sourcing and investing in best in-class solutions that offer added-value differentiation in the tech world. Compass-Giza specializes in identifying unique Israeli innovative technologies and then bringing them to market China and additional potential markets overseas where there is market demand and growth potential.

Compass-Giza operates across a vast portfolio of industries while strategically focusing on sourcing technologies and cutting edge solutions that are changing the world of tomorrow.

Compass-Giza sectors of investments include:


water Compass 3      WASTE COMPASS      energy saving - compass 

Agritech Compass 3      meditech compass      robotics compass

AUTOMOTIVE Compass 3      FINTECH Compass 2      AI Compass

INDUSTRY 0.4 Compass 3      tech Compass 3      SEMI Compass

iot Compass 3      it software Compass       COMMUNICATIONS Compass 3



Compass - Giza Fund Team 

Our team of visionary pioneers brings extensive knowledge and know-how, representing historic thought-leadership and visionary excellence by connecting Israel and China as key markets for potential growth, collaboration and financial profitability.

That is how the Compass-Giza team has successfully built a wide network of partners which includes governmental bodies, international corporations, R&D and innovation centers, leading universities, financial institutes and a large array of investors worldwide.

Lead by a team of best-in-class experts, Compass-Giza specializes in Israel's "start-up nation" environment as a source for groundbreaking technology investments. Over time, the team's activities have successfully expanded overseas, scaling up innovative Israeli technologies to a worldwide level, delivering added-value and unique investment returns to global investors.


1. Ronen Dagon  zeev c compass  3. Moshe Kamar

Dr. Ronen Dagon                                   Zeev Holtzman                                       Moshe Kamar, MSC
Chairman of Compass Group            Co-President of Compass-Giza Fund    

Co-President of Compass-Giza Fund

 6. Yonel Cohen  zvi c compass  tal c compass

Yonel Cohen                                          Zvi Schechter                                         Tal Mizrahi

Former Chairman of Migdal

Insuranceand Investment Group

VP of Compass-Giza Fund VP of Compass-Giza Fund

7. Mira Peled - cropped  8.Dr. Esthery Giloz Ran


Dr. Mira Peled                                       Dr. Esthery Giloz-Ran

Co-Founder and Former President

of Applied Immune Technology

Chairman of Tamir Fishman Financial Group


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