Water loss reduction is the cheapest way to increase water supply

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TaKaDu is a water network management company, providing a software solution for water loss reduction and network monitoring. Per year, 25-30% of the world’s water production is lost, which loses water, energy, and revenues. TaKaDu’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution provides Water Infrastructure Monitoring to water utilities. TaKaDu detects, classifies, alerts and provides real-time insight on leaks, bursts, DMA breaches and other network inefficiencies. The solution is based on complex statistical algorithms which analyze existing online data from meters within the network (flow, pressure, etc) and external data (weather, holidays and more). TaKaDu’s patent-pending technology is easy to deploy and set-up, requiring no changes to the network, no additional devices and no capital expenditure. The service is in use by leading water utilities worldwide. TaKaDu is the winner of several industry awards, including the prestigious Technology Pioneer 2011 award from the World Economic Forum.

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