The Company IPOed in 2000 and Acquired by Covidien in 2012

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Oridion is a global medical device company with patented technologies using breath samples in respiratory care monitoring and point-of-care diagnostics for both acute and non-acute settings. Oridion operates two business units: The Capnography Business Unit promotes the enhancement of patient safety monitoring by developing proprietary medical devices and consumables for the measurement of carbon dioxide in human breath. Oridion’s capnography products determine the status and adequacy of a patient’s ventilation in all patient environments; The Breath Testing Business Unit develops proprietary medical devices and consumables used in the non-invasive diagnosis of the status of a patient’s internal organs. Oridion’s Breath Testing device enables the physician to diagnose and prescribe treatment for patients in a single office visit

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Oridion went public on the Swiss SWX New Market Exchange in April 2000, and acquired by Covidien for $346m in April 2012




Yacov Bubis, George Yariv



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